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   Communications is responsible for receiving all emergency and non-emergency phone calls from the public. Once a Communications Officer answers the public’s call, they ensure each call gets to the appropriate personnel as quickly as possible to reduce response time. Communications is a vital part of the Sheriff’s Office. Not only do they serve as the department’s switchboard, they are also responsible for communicating and dispatching all other law enforcement agencies within Lowndes County, as well as volunteer fire departments, and emergency medical services. The Communications team consists of nine (9) employees and they serve the public around the clock, twenty-four (24) hours a day. This team is supervised by Lt. G. Moorer and is responsible for making sure each employee under her command, does everything necessary to serve the citizens and visitors of Lowndes County in a swift, efficient, and professional manner on a daily basis.

Not pictured is Dispatchers J. Johnson, K. Simmons & D. Harris

Lt. G. Moorer (Dispatch Sup.)

Sgt. L. Smith

Sgt. L. Allen

Cpl. L. Hall

Dispatcher M. Timmons

Lowndes County Sherrif's Office.

In case of emergency dial 911

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