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   The Patrol Division is Supervised by Lt. E. Jones. Lt. Jones is responsible for the daily operations of the Patrol Division & has ten (10) APOST certified officers which work with him.
   Lt. Jones has vast experience in law enforcement & has worked with Selma Police Department & the Alabama State Troopers. It is his responsibility to make sure deputies provide adequate service in a swift, professional manner on a daily basis.
   Patrol is one of the most vital elements of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office. These are the individuals which are always first on scene to any call which has come thru Communications. A patrol officer’s calls can range anywhere between answering a burglar alarm at a residence or business, traffic accidents, to a violent crime which may have just occurred.
   Not only are these officers responsible for answering the calls as they come in from the public, but they maintain a visible presence throughout the county to deter crime from happening. Each deputy strives to achieve & maintain a relationship with the community & businesses here in Lowndes County. Each strive hard to accomplish the goal of eliminating crime within the county & when a crime does occur do their best to hold those accountable for the crime which was committed.
   You may reach Lt. Jones by visiting his office, which is located at the Lowndes County Detention Facility or call (334)548-2222. Please contact Lt. Jones if you have any ideas which you think may help us to better serve you.

Dep. Stewart, Dep. Patterson, Dep. Saucer

Lt. E. Jones (Patrol Supervisor)

Sgt. McKitt

Cpl. E. Jackson

Cpl. Cooper

Dep. J. Martin

Dep. V. Thicklin

Dep. G. Wetzel

Dep. B. Turner

Lowndes County Sherrif's Office.

In case of emergency dial 911

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